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The Charlestown Bells - Les cloches de Charlestown | musical sculpture - sculpture musicale | Paul Matisse | Boston

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The Charlestown bells, a musical sculpture by Paul Matisse, are between the Charlestown bridge and the Zachim bridge. To go there, follow the Charlestown trek starting from North Station in Boston. 
The 1st edition of the trek was telling you to go to the Charlestown bridge; the April 2019 revised edition brings you to these bells and over some locks along a pedestrian walkway. Much better than being on the bridge with all the traffic and, right now, the construction.
The last part of the trek is new too. It suggests an extra one mile walk along the Harborwalk and in a part of the old Navy Yard that has been open to renovation when the Yard closed.
If you are wondering who this Matisse is, yes he's related to Henry Matisse. He is his grandson, and he  lives in Massachusetts.
Les cloches de Charlestown, une sculpture musicale par Paul Matisse, sont entre le pont de Charlestown et le pont Zachim. Pour y aller, suivez le trek d…

Signs of piety - signes de piété | Battery Street - rue Battery | North End, Boston

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Signs of piety on Battery St., in the North End in Boston, remind us that many people in the neighborhood are catholic and take their religion very seriously!
When you take the North End trek and come to the end of Battery St. just before Hanover St., here's what you can see on your right. On your left, another display, yet less visible.
At first, the North End trek was taking Commercial St. at this part of the tour; the April 2019 revised edition brings you to smaller and more typical streets of this area, like this street, with other  discoveries on your way.
Signes de piété sur Battery St., dans le North End à Boston, nous rappellent que beaucoup d'habitants du quartier sont catholiques et prennent leur religion très au sérieux!  
Quand vous prenez le trek du North End et arrivez à la fin de Battery St, juste avant Hanover St., voila ce que vous pouvez voir sur votre droite. Sur votre gauche, à peu près le même arrange…

The Gropius House & Museum - La maison musée de Gropius | Bauhaus | architecture | Lincoln, MA

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The Gropius House & Museum is for you if you like the minimalist architecture of the Bauhaus. Gropius, the master of the movement, has long taught at Harvard University after fleeing Nazi Germany. The house he had built in Lincoln, on land donated by one of his admirers, is now a museum run by Historic New England. His use of innovative materials (chrome, glass blocks, acoustic coatings ...) combined with the traditional elements of New England architecture have revolutionized the way buildings were made at the time and are now found in many contemporary buildings. Even his garden is a model of efficiency and minimalism.You'll have to take a guided tour to visit this place; this will allow you to ask questions about Gropius, his family, his house, the Bauhaus and the furniture designed especially for him by Breuer, another leader of the movement. You'll see that the guides are very competent.Obviously, this place is not on Urban Trekking Bost…

The South Boston Castle Island trek - Le trek de South Boston castle Island | self guided - auto-guidé

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The South Boston Castle Island trek is the only Urban Trekking Boston trek that is not accessible by the T. unless you are ready to walk 2.5 miles before reaching it. So why take a car to do it?
To see overflowing planes landing a little further at Logan airport. To see cargo ships arriving at the Boston Harbor. To see the bustling Boston Bay and the cormorants perched on the traffic lights geared to the boats. To visit a fort dating, at first, of the revolutionary period of the USA (but not always open so inquire before). To see people walking, jogging, sunbathing, chatting. To queue at a fast food stall serving fried seafood platters. To feel you are in the open sea, yet close to the city. It's a little off the beaten path but surprising, and if the weather is nice, you 'll also be able to enjoy the beaches of the area.


Le trek de South Boston Castle Island  est le seul des treks de Trekking Urbain à Boston qu…

J.F. Kennedy Library & Museum - Bibliothèque et musée J.F. Kennedy | Columbia Point | Dorchester | Boston

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The J. F. Kennedy Library and Museum is located at Columbia Point in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood; designed in 1979 by I.M. Pei, its architecture is magnificent whatever the season. both outside and inside. I.M. Pei designed three buildings in Boston including the Hancock Tower, and four on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus in Cambridge where he studied architecture. It is said that for each, he was never completely satisfied with the result and sometimes thought not to recognize the finished product. As for the J. F. Kennedy library and museum, it had to be built with more noble materials than glass and cement, but budget problems decided otherwise. As it is located on the old dump of the city, at a given moment emanations of methane ignited spontaneously during the works. Today, however, the place is safe, accessible on foot from Carson Beach following the Harborwalk. It is a very pleasant and very well designed walk along the …

New York & New England prints - Gravures de la Nelle Angleterre & New York

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"Cityscape, New York, NY" is one of 13 prints I created since 1994 to share my impressions of New England and New York City.

They were in different places before, but I decided to put them together in relation to Urban Trekking Boston and Urban Trekking New York, with links from these site to them.

I plan to create more prints for this page but right now, and even though it was on my to-do list this winter, I didn't find time to even think about the kind of images I'd like to do. I spent a day on it, to be exact, but I wasn't pleased with what I did!

It means you'll have to keep going on a regular basis to the New England & NYC prints page to see if I've finally done something new!  To be continued, so...


"Cityscape, New York, NY" est une des 13 gravures que j'ai crées depuis 1994 pour partager mes impressions de la Nouvelle-Angleterre et de New York City.

Elles étaient dans des endroits différe…