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A John can hide another one - Un John peut en cacher un autre | DJ John Debo & John Digweed, 03-29-2019, Bijou, Boston

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First it was John Debo, a long time Bostonian DJ now based in Orlando; then the master and legend John Digweed from England.

The first warmed up nicely a packed room with his unique blend of modular tech; the second brought to Bijou his flawless set of tech house that gained him a 1st place on the annual DJ mag top 100 a few years ago; all for an electrifying night of dance.

Bijou is in the Theater District, not far from Chinatown and on Stuart Street. It can accommodate about 650 people in what was The Bijou Theater in 1882. It's now a chic and futuristic nightclub with super sound and amazing lightning.

If you take the Chinatown, Downtown and Financial District trek , turn left instead of right when you reach Washington St; it will lead you to Stuart St. and Bijou will be somewhere further on your right.


D'abord ça a été John Debo, un DJ longtemps bostonien mais maintenant basé à Orlando; puis le maître et légende…

Departure in A Singular Domain - Départs dans Les Espaces Discrets

A dialogue between Green berries & Blue berries - Un dialogue entre Baies vertes & Baies bleues

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Blue berries and Stick are going to leave A Singular Domain to set up a business in the West; that’s what the Blue Berries tell the Green berries in this dialogue that will close a chapter of their friendship.
Read the details here, and find many more dialogues by the same way:
Baies bleues et Bâton vont quitter les Espaces Discrets pour aller monter une entreprise dans l’ouest; c’est ce que les Baies bleues annoncent aux Baies vertes dans ce dialogue qui va clôturer un chapitre de leur amitié.
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The giant squirrel and the bird - L'écureuil géant et l'oiseau | Okuda San Miguel | Seaport Boulevard, South Boston

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The giant squirrel and the bird by Okuda San Miguel is one of 7 sculpture of the public art project Air, Sea, Land. They are all on the median lane of the Seaport Boulevard in South Boston, all colorful and all by this artist.
This area was mainly parking lots and empty industrial buildings for years. Now, it is the trendiest part of Boston, with shops, restaurants, walking paths, and futuristic architecture. 
To explore it, follow the Fort Point and Seaport trek, a free self-guided tour revised in March 2019 to keep up with the evolution of the neighborhood. It will lead you to the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Children Museum. Along the Harborwalk, you'll have superb views of the harbor and the Financial District.
L'écureuil géant et l'oiseau par Okuda San Miguel est une des 7 sculptures du project d'art public Air, Mer, Terre. Installées sur la bande médiane du Seaport Boulevard dans South Boston, elles sont  …

The New York Inwood & Washington Heights trek - Le trek de New York Inwood & Washington Heights

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The New York Inwood & Washington Heights trek is a 4 miles free self guided tour. It goes through  Inwood, Hudson Heights and Washington Heights in the northern part of Manhattan.

It will take you about 2.5 hours to complete if strolling and taking photos, much more if you visit the museums along the way.

You’ll see pretty parks, quiet or busy neighborhoods, the oldest house in Manhattan, two surprising terraces, two cloisters. You’ll also encounter many stairs and be able to compare the imposing Washington Bridge to the old High Bridge

You'll find this trek at:


Le trek de New York Inwood & Washington Heights est un tour gratuit et guidé de 6,5km.  Il passe par Inwood, Hudson Heights et Washington Heights dans la partie nord de Manhattan.

Il vous prendra environ 2 heures 1/2 en flânant et en prenant des photos, bie…

No fishing - Pêche interdite | Dorchester Bay, Boston, MA

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Of course, one understands the message, but it's still funny, isn't it? Or am I the only one laughing?

Take the Dorchester shores trek and you'll find this sign just when you have reached the 3 museums and go and see behind the JFK one.

And instead of trying to fish just before the sign to respect its injunction, use the places along the way and you'll be able to access the sea!

(pêche interdite au delà de ce point)

Bien sûr, on comprend le message mais ça reste cependant très drôle, non? Ou alors il n'y a que moi que ça fait rire?

Prenez le trek du bord de mer à Dorchester et vous verrez ce panneau une fois que vous aurez dépassé les 3 musées et irez derrière celui de JFK. 

Et plutôt que d'essayer de pêcher juste avant ce signe pour en respecter ses consignes, sachez aussi qu'il y a des endroits sur le chemin où c'est possible de pêcher avec un vrai acccés à la mer!

Large woodcuts & linocuts - Grandes gravures sur bois & lino

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Most of my larger prints are now on Images, Voyages, Impressions 1!
"A l'orée du bois", is a hand colored linocut I made in 2000, and re-printed in 2011.For the 2nd edition, I kept the same colors but less of them, and I cut the block on the left side to make it a 6x16"image instead of the 6x16.5" it was before.I wanted this print to look like some of the cave painting you see in the South West of France.
"Le temps des amours IV" is also a linocut and also a second edition but this time, I didn't change anything except the paper!I created the 1st edition in 1987, and it was part of a series of four 12.5x13" linocuts with four different pairs of animals in different stages of courtship (you can see all of them on the 1984-1990 prints page). The paper was different because I had bought it in France in a factory not far from where I was living.I showed them a little then moved abroad. It's only about 20 years ago…

Le Corbusier at Harvard University | the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

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Situated next to the Harvard Art Museum in Cambridge, the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts is often ignored.

At first indeed, it's only a somewhat ugly concrete brutalist structure in the middle of all these very classical New England buildings you have seen. It's only when you look at it more closely that you see it's quite an interesting work of art in its own way.

Enter it to visit its gallery, and you'll have a better view of what Le Corbusier had in mind when he draw the plans of this place. If you can tour it with a guide, it will be even better.

On top of that, it's just a short detour when you follow the just revised (March 2019) Cambridge/Harvard University trek, and the gallery is free to visit. It would be a shame to go besides it without seeing it.


Situé près du Harvard Art Museum à Cambridge, le Centre Carpenter pour les Arts Visuels est souvent ignoré.

Au pre…

Waiting for - en attendant | Marie Davidson | The Middlesex Lounge | 02/28/ 2019

Set-up - Installation
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There is a kind of mystery inherent in these machines that flash and suddenly come to life under the fingers of a DJ, then plunge a room into an uninterrupted dance frenzy.

On February 28 at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, it was Marie Davidson's turn to officiate on these keyboards that are the basis of her personal signature. Based in Montreal then Berlin, her concerts mix futuristic black sounds and her own voice. 

If you take the Cambridge / MIT trek, the Middlesex Louge is a little past the MIT museum on Mass Ave. Open Thursday to Sunday from 7pm to 2am, it's first a bar with a modern and minimalist decor that turns into a club at 9pm and is at the forefront of electronic music, at least Thursday evenings, with three DJ in residence and a guest DJ and headliner.

Il y a une sorte de mystère inhérent à ces machines qui clignotent et vont soudain s'animer sous les doigts d'un DJ pour plonger …