How to get lucky - Comment être chanceux | North Station, Boston

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How to get lucky? Find the Good Luck plaque at North Station and put your hand on it. I won’t tell you where it is exactly as it’s part of the quest! I can only tell you that one day, I was leaving the commuter rail when I saw people make a detour and put their hand on it. The plaque bears the name of Red Auerbach, a famous NBA coach that allowed the Boston Celtics to win many times in the past. What’s not clear if whether you ask for luck for the Celtics when you touch it, or luck for yourself. What’s also unusual is that this clover is a regular one, not the 4-leaf one. But well, what do you have to loose? North Station is at the start of the

The Unisphere - Flushing Meadows & Corona Park - Queens - New York City

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The Unisphere is in the Flushing Meadows & Corona Park; if you follow Walk in NYC # 18: the best of Flushing and Corona, you will pass by it. Built during the 1964-65 World Fair, it is one of the few things that has survived the passage of time. In the movie "Men in Black", its rolls under the influence of an extra-terrestrial who wants to annihilate the heroes trying to stop him. In reality, it is rather stable and imposing!
L'Unisphere est dans le parc de Flushing Meadows & Corona; si vous suivez Promenade à NYC numéro 18: le meilleur de Flushing et Corona, vous passerez devant. 
Construite lors de l'exposition mondiale de 1964-65, elle est une des rares choses ayant survécu au passage du temps.
Dans le film "Men in Black", elle roule sous l'influence néfaste d'un extra-terreste qui veut ainsi anéantir les héros qui essaient de l'arrêter. En réalité, elle est plutôt stabl…

LESS POSTS on this blog - MOINS d'ARTICLES sur ce blog

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Now that I redid my two main sites, I'll post less on this blog.  From now on,
everything related to printmaking, shows, writing will mainly be on
everything related to Boston and New York, art, culture, architecture will mainly be on

Maintenant que j'ai refait mes deux sites principaux, je publierai moins d'articles sur ce blog. A partir de maintenant:
tout ce qui a un rapport avec la gravure, les expos et les écrits sera principalement sur
tout ce qui a un rapport avec Boston,  New York, l'art, la culture, l'architecture... sera principalement sur

Une histoire charmante & une grande nouvelle - A charming story & a great news | dialogue | Faucon & Oie - Hawk & Goose

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A charming story & a great news is the last dialogue between Hawk and Goose in "A Singular Domain".

It talks about a generous policeman, an upcoming wedding and a radio station. The events are somewhat linked and you will know more about them by going to read what they say, and all the other dialogues in the story!

Une histoire charmante & une grande nouvelle, c'est le dernier dialogue entre Faucon et Oie dans Les Espaces Discrets. 

Il y est question d'un policier généreux, d'un mariage prochain et d'une station de radio. Les événements sont liés d'une certaine façon et vous en saurez plus en allant lire ce qu'il en est et tous les autres dialogues de l'histoire!

Beacon Hill Art Walk | linocuts & woodcuts - Gravures sur bois et lino | Boston | Awards - Prix

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At Beacon Hill Art Walk, I show only my woodcuts and linocuts; the event always happens on a Sunday afternoon in June; the owners of the private alleys of this historic Boston neighborhood open their doors to exhibitors and the public. The weather is usually nice. 

The first year I did it, I got the 3rd place award; in 2015, I got the 2nd place and this year, the 1st. Have I improved or has the competition narrowed? Judge by yourself by going to see my work since 2009 and before on

 As for Beacon Hill, it can be visited all year round following the self-guided Beacon Hill trek. Only the alleys will be closed but the neighborhood remains superb.

A Beacon Hill Art Walk, je n'expose que mes gravures sur bois et lino; l'évènement se passe toujours un dimanche après-midi en juin; les propriétaires des allées privées de cet endroit historique de Boston ouvrent ce jour là leurs portes aux exposants e…

The Vessel, Hudson Yards, New York City | Urban Trekking New York - Trekking Urbain à New york

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The Vessel at Hudson Yards in New York City is located at the start of the High Line & Hudson River trek, on Urban Trekking New York. 

Open to the public in March 2019, it is already considered the Eiffel Tower of New York. It is made of interconnected stairs on 16 floors, and its platforms overlook the skyscrapers that have also recently emerged in this place. Its particular shape has also made it compared to a M. C. Escher drawing.

To visit it, it's free, but you have to reserve your place in advance. 

Last but not  least, its name is temporary. It's the public that will decide its final name by going to a site created for this purpose, so if you have some ideas...
The Vessel d'Hudson Yard à New York City est situé au début du trek de la High Line & Hudson River .

Ouvert au public en mars 2019, il est déjà considéré comme la Tour Eiffel de New York. Il est fait d'escaliers interconnextés sur 16 étages…

The Grand, Boston night club, Seaport District | DJ set 06/03/19 | Frank Walker & Felix Cartal

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The Grand is the newest addition to Boston nightclubs. Located in the Seaport District, opened a little over a year ago, it hosts the greatest specialists in international electro dance. 

 Monday, June 6, it was the turn of Frank Walker and Felix Cartal to be at the mixer, each with his own energy and sound. 

The sound system is impressive, loud but clear; the light shows are the most elaborate of Boston; the colorful visuals projected on two adjacent walls still transform the atmosphere. 

If you especially want to dance and see your favorite DJs, you will probably regret that the dance floor is small and that most of the space is composed of VIP tables. This makes the Grand a chic club where you show off and that's what it claims to be. T

To find it, follow the Fort Point and Seaport trek; The Grand is not far from the new chapel of Notre-Dame du Bon Voyage where there too, it is advisable to dress properly, although in another style!


Hindu Temple Society of North America - Temple Hindou de la société d'Amérique du Nord | Flushing, Queens, New York City

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The Hindu Temple Society of North America is in Flushing, Queens, New York City.
Leave your shoes and bags at the entrance, you'll then be able to walk in front of many gods with unknown powers, at least for you. They all have offerings and the atmosphere is reverent.
Next, go to the basement for wonderful vegetarian Indian cuisine.
You'llfind this temple and others too by following the Flushing and Corona self-guided trek.
Le temple hindou de la société d'Amérique du Nord est situé à Flushing dans le Queens, New York City. 
Otez vos chaussures, et laissez votre sac à l'entrée, vous pourrez alors marcher révérencieusement devant de multiples déités aux pouvoirs inconnus. Toutes ont des offrandes et l'atmosphère est révérencieuse.
Ensuite, allez au sous-sol pour d'excellent plats indiens et végétariens.
Vous trouverez ce temple et d'autres encore en suivant le trek auto-guidé de Flushing & Corona.

Ferry Charlestown Navy Yards -Boston Aquarium | Self guided Charlestown trek - Tour auto-guidé de Charleston

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The ferry Charlestown Navy Yards - Boston Aquarium is one option to end the Charlestown self-guided trek

 It's a 10-minute mini-cruise that brings you in front of the North End, then into the heart of the city. 

 There are even seats on the outer deck, facing the city!

Otherwise, you take the Charlestown Bridge back and you arrive next to North Station. It's about one extra mile walk.

Le ferry Charlestown Navy Yards - Boston Aquarium est une option pour finir le trek auto-guidé de Charlestown.

C'est une mini croisère de 10 mn qui vous fait passer en face du North End puis arrive au coeur de la ville.

Il y a même des sièges sur le pont extérieur, faisant face à la ville!

Sinon, vous reprenez le pont de Charlestown et vous arrivez près de North Station. C'est environ 1.5km de marche en plus.

The Longwood & Fenway trek - Le trek de Longwood & Fenway | Fenway Park, Boston

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The Longwood & Fenway trek passes through Fenway Park and if you have never been to this place, it's worth the trip even if you do not like baseball. Fenway Park is the oldest baseball stadium in the US, where the Red Sox have been training since 1912. Who, from the Red Sox or the stadium, is the best known, hard to say?! Located almost in the city center, Fenway Park is also one of the smallest stadium of the MLB. It's classified as a Historical Landmark since 2012. Around, in the adjacent streets, the animation is constant and goes crazy during games. If you do not want to buy a ticket to visit the place, a bar offers a view of the lawn in exchange for a drink.


Le trek de Longwood & Fenway passe par Fenway Park et si vous n'êtes jamais allé(e)s dans cet endroit, il vaut le déplacement même si vous n'aimez pas le baseball.

Fenway Park est le plus ancien stade de baseball des USA, l'endroit où…