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Boston Chinatown, Dec 12, 2018
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Bakeries in the neighborhood are always a good reason to go to Chinatown, and you'll find many more ideas to visit the area in the Chinatown, Downtown and Financial District trek. Bon appétit!

Les boulangeries du quartier sont toujours une bonne raison d'aller à Chinatownet vous trouverez biend'autres idées pour visiter le quartier dans le trek de Chinatown, Downtown et Financial District. Bon appétit!

And also at this time - Et aussi en ce moment

I'm working on new treks for Urban Trekking New York , preparing updates for some of the Urban Trekking Boston treks, and modifying some parts of my websites. 

I also created this blog to replace another one less easy to work with.
Je travaille sur de nouveaux treks pour Trekking Urbain à New York, je prépare des mises à jour pour certains des treks de Trekking Urbain à Boston , et je fais des modifications sur mes sites web.

J'ai aussi créé ce blog en remplacement d…

Woodcuts & Linocuts of the World - Gravures sur bois et lino du monde entier

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If you have a website, images of your woodcuts or linocuts, and want to be on Woodcuts and Linocuts of the World, a site I created to showcase the work of printmakers using relief printing techniques, follow the link below and fill out the form you'll find there. It's free, and I'll post your work as soon as I can :)

If you just want to see what printmakers do all over the world, the site has also been made for you, so don't hesitate to go and have a look at it!

Si vous avez un site web, des images de vos gravures sur bois ou lino et voulez être sur Gravures sur bois et lino du monde entier, un site que j'ai créé pour montrer le travail de graveurs utilisant les techniques de la gravure en relief, suivez le lien ci-dessous et remplissez le formulaire. C'est gratuit et je publierai votre travail dés que je peux :)

Si vous …

Far from knowing - Loin de savoir

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At first, you do not even see her. While she, she saw you a long, long time ago, as soon as you appeared in fact, and she surveyed you, giving you a danger rating, ready to jump if you were too menacing. It seems that you are not, not yet anyhow, how could you be when you are not even aware she is there? When you do see her, it is you that will jump, scared, or at least surprised and a bit confused. How is it possible that she escaped your attention? She is only a frog, nothing to worry about, but imagine if she had been a more menacing creature. Once you come back to your senses, you will start to appreciate her ability to blend into the background. She is here without being here, a lesson in humility one might say. Or in survival, depending on your point of view. Anyway, she seems completely at ease, relaxed, happy, is that not a smile you can discern on her face? Is she smiling to you or at you, you cannot know. From her perspective, it is not even cl…

Introduction to NYC, 1

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Each time someone is coming to visit us for the 1st time, we have to go and see NYC and I use this trek for an introduction to the city. I sometime start at Grand Central, sometimes at Times Square, and it always works well!

The full description of the trek with photos is at:

A chaque fois que quelqu'un vient nous voir pour la première fois, il faut aller voir New York et j'utilise cet itinéraire pour une introduction à la ville. Je pars parfois de Grand Central, parfois de Times Square et ça le fait toujours bien!

La description complète du trek avec des photos est à:

Washington Bridge

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I took this photo of the Washington Bridge a few weeks ago, when scouting for a new trek in Upper Manhattan. It's only later that I saw there were people working on it.
Even better, and only in NYC!
More photos of New York at

J'ai pris cette photo du Washington Bridge il y a quelques semaines quand je faisais des repérages pour un nouveau trek dans Upper Manhattan. Ce n'est que plus tard que j'ai vu qu'il y avait des gens travaillant dessus.
Encore mieux et uniquement à NYC!
Plus de photos de New York à

The Grand Manan V at Swallowtail - Le Grand Manan V à Swallowtail

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Grand Manan would not be Grand Manan without its ferry and its lighthouse. You take one to come, you see the other one when you arrive. Of course, once on the island, you’ll discover that there are or have been other ferries, and that there are or have been other lighthouses, but because these two were your first encounter, they are the ones that you’ll most strongly keep in your memory. Images of your first love, in other words, with its particular colors, its perfume of adventure, its exoticism. It means you don’t always need to go far away to feel far away. It’s sometimes enough to take a boat in a remote terminal at the end of an improbable road, and you are there. You now feel that the story won’t stop at that, and once on the trail that leads to Swallowtail, you are watching for the moment when the ferry pass off -in the absence of seals or whales, and you know that that’s it, you belong to the island.

From the bilingual French-English book " Il…

Urban Trekking Boston - Trekking Urbain à Boston

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If you like to walk on your own to discover a city, yet would like to know what trails are available and what you can see along your way, Urban Trekking Boston is for you.

The treks are free, self guided, ready to take away with you on your cell phone and/or to print. They are also on and off the beaten track so you'll see the sights and the not so crowded jewels.


Si vous aimez marcher de façon indépendante pour découvrir une ville mais voudriez savoir quels itinéraires sont disponibles et ce que vous pourrez voir le long du chemin, Trekking Urbain à Boston est pour vous.

Les treks sont gratuits, guidés et prêts à être emportés avec vous sur votre portable et/ou à être imprimés. Ils sont aussi le long et hors des sentiers battus donc vous verrez les incontournables mais aussi des endroits moins passants mais qui valent le détour.